Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart Unveiled At Arms Fair – Atac

The Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (Atac), a mini armored car, designed for use in confined spaces such as airports and hotels targeted in terror attacks, is on display at the DefExpo arms fair. The battery operated vehicle costs around $45,000 and is said to resemble a bullet-proof golf buggy with firing ports.

It’s been specially designed to transport two armed security personnel during or after terror attacks.

It was created in the wake of the Mumbai (Bombay) hotel attacks of 2008.

The attacks in November 2008 took place in two luxury hotels with gunmen surrounded by security forces for about 60 hours. One hundred and sixty-five people were killed in the attacks, including nine gunmen.

The company behind the cart, Metaltech Motor Bodies Pvt Ltd, said the Atac had been designed in the aftermath of the attacks.

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