Bridge Employees Trained to Spot Suspicious Behavior

More than a month after a terrorist attempt was foiled in Times Square, employees from the New York Bridge Authority are being trained to spot and report any suspicious behavior on or around spans crossing the Hudson River.

“We’re nine years since the World Trade Center bombing, but we’re only four or five weeks since the most recent threat,” Joseph Ruggiero, executive director of the Bridge Authority, said Wednesday.

Employees who work on authority’s five spans are being trained to spot the seven signs a bridge may be targeted by terrorist.

The seven signs are listed below.

  • Surveillance with camera or binoculars from land, sea or air;
  • Attempts to gain information about a facility or personnel via personal contact, phone, mail or email;
  • Attempts to breach security or leave an unattended bag or package in a public area;
  • Suspicious attempts to obtain official vehicles, uniforms, badges, access cards to facilities;
  • Appearance of planning a terrorist attack such as monitoring facilities, mapping routes, timing traffic flow or signals;
  • The presence of individuals who may not belong at a facility;
  • The stockpiling of suspicious materials or explosives

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