Colorado Man Was ‘Paralyzed With Fear’ During Terror Attack In North Africa

After two nights in hiding while a gas processing plant where he worked was under attack by terrorists, a Colorado man says he made a break for freedom.

Steve Wysocki, an oil and gas well expert with the oil company BP, was working at an Algerian gas plant in North Africa three weeks ago when the attack started. He told the CBS program 60 Minutes that he had to hide in his cubicle and remain as quiet as possible.

“We started hearing voices on our radios that didn’t belong on our radios. The terrorists had — they had captured some of our radios, if you will, from people and they were starting to use our radios to communicate with themselves. And I looked out the front door and I saw a man that didn’t belong there starting to come up the steps wearing camouflage fatigues. And I took off running. And one of the guys literally grabbed me and threw me under my desk in my hole. And then everybody got very quiet,” Wysocki said.

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