Delta Flight 273 Diverted After Man Claims Explosives

A Delta Airlines flight from Paris to Atlanta, Georgia made an unscheduled stop in Maine yesterday after a passenger became “disruptive,” the airline and US authorities said.

“Flight 273, en route from Paris to Atlanta, is diverting to Bangor, Maine as a result of a disruptive passenger,” Delta said in a statement.

Federal air marshals aboard the plane took the passenger into custody, and the US Transportation Security Administration said it was interviewing the man.

Local television in Maine reported that the male passenger from Florida purportedly made a comment about the plane being in danger from explosives.

US officials said the passenger was a US citizen who claimed to have a fake passport and said he had explosives in his luggage.

From ABC News – The Blotter

Delta Flight 273 was heading for Atlanta when Stansberry reportedly made the comments that led two federal air marshals to take him into custody.

According to law enforcement sources, the incident began when Stansberry passed a note to a flight attendant that read, “Forgive me, I f—ed up, I’m sorry.”

The flight attendant brought the note up to the flight deck.

One of the two teams of two federal air marshals aboard broke cover and approached Stansberry. Stansberry told the FAMs in a mutter that he had explosives in his bag.

The FAMs then subdued Stansberry. He told them he had taken a valium and a sleeping pill before the flight.

The officials said the marshals placed Stansberry’s backpack and shoes in the rear of the plane and packed other luggage and blankets around them as part of a measure to minimize the potential damage from an explosion.

One official said the marshals “literally sat on the guy’s chest” as the flight landed in Bangor.

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