Deputies to Receive Training In Spotting Radical Muslim Terrorists

Pasco deputies deal every day with people who abuse pain pills and drive drunk, people who steal and throw fists and break windows.

But Sheriff Bob White plans to spend as much as $45,000 to make sure his officers can deal with suspects who haven’t made many arrest reports here:

Radical Islamic terrorists.

Since January, White’s office has paid terrorism experts about $22,500 for five classes for his officers. He plans to put on as many as five more $4,500 classes, focused on Islamic terrorism, in coming months.

Another $1,000 class for volunteer safety officers and honorary deputies is also scheduled.

That course schedule includes lessons on how radical Muslims groom their facial hair and wear their pants, as well as a “behavioral analysis technique to distinguish visually between moderates and radicals.”

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We’ve looked into providing similar training/certification online. If your interested in either taking this type of training via an online course, or partnering with us as a provider, contact us.

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