El Paso Area Law Enforcement Officers On Alert

Fox news in El Paso reports that The Department of Homeland Security sent out a security alert to all men and women in uniform to be careful and advise their families to take extra precaution.

Barrio Azteca gang members say they plan to kill law enforcement officers in the El Paso area as retaliation, the department said.

Socorro police Sgt. Refugio Orta was made aware on Monday of the threat against any law enforcement officer in the El Paso area.

“We have a dangerous job to begin with, but just for them to put it out there again , it is nerve wrecking,” said Orta.

The officer safety alert stated that the Barrio Azteca gang may authorize the attempted murder of law enforcement officers as retaliation.

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From CNN – Federal alert: Crime gang may target Texas police

Law enforcement officers in El Paso, Texas, have been warned that a Mexican-related gang may target them in retaliation for a crime sweep over the weekend.


The crime sweep in the El Paso area occurred after the Barrio Azteca gang was identified as possibly being responsible for the recent killings in Mexico of three people associated with the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez. Two of those killed were U.S. citizens who lived in El Paso.

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