Hospitals Locked Down, 2 Dead In East St. Louis Hazmat Incident – Chemical Exposure

Photo Credit - St. Louis Dispatch

Photo Credit - St. Louis Dispatch

Eight to ten people are hospitalized around the St. Louis area after being exposed to some type of hazardous chemical or material. At least two people are very critical condition.

St. Anthony’s Hospital in South County and DePaul Hospital in West County both shut down their emergency rooms when victims showed up with blue skin.

FOX 2 has learned that victims have also been transported to Barnes Jewish Hospital, Saint Louis University Hospital and at least one more person was located at Gateway Regional Hospital in Granite City, Illinois.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency crews are in East St. Louis at a business where they believe the hazardous material was located.

Police, fire and EMS are at a business in the 600 block of 20th Street, near State.

The East St. Louis City Manager says those who came in contact with the chemical were the people in danger and that city residents do not need to be worried and will not be evacuated.

Officials believe the hospitalized individuals are employees of the business who were mixing the chemicals. They apparently dumped the chemicals in a dumpster.

A police officer who arrived on the scene got within 75 feet of the chemical and had to be decontaminated.

DePaul Hospital’s emergency room is expected to be lockdown for at least three more hours.

Some of the victims of the chemical accident were taken to Depaul Health Center and at one point the entire hospital was on lockdown.

When this first happened everybody was scrambling, police, firefighters, emts, hospital staff patients. But by Saturday night the initial vicitms were being cared for and everyone was released, except for a small group of employees and patients who made contact with the original victims.

As everything unfolded emotions were high. Invesitgators say three people walked into the emergency room after being exposed to a substance called nitro aniline.

They had multiple symptoms, including severe dizziness, and of the three victims, two were in critical condition, the other stable.


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