Jihadists Quick To Boast of Yet Another Failed Attack

Jihadists apparently are hoping to capitalize on whatever they can these days, successful or not.

Newsweek – In what appears to be the latest effort by Islamic militants to lower the bar for what constitutes a “successful” terrorist attack, extremists have publicly boasted of an attempted chemical attack on the U.S. Embassy in Paris. In a message posted earlier this week on a jihadist Web site, the previously unknown Abu Dujanah al-Khorasani Brigade claimed responsibility for sending what it described as “chemical letters” to the embassy. News reports from Paris said two embassy employees were examined and then released by a city hospital after handling a suspicious letter last Friday.

However, recent reports indicate the letters contained no tear gas or any other obvious toxin or irritant. So why are jihadist’s boasting of such incidents?

Read Mark Hosenball’s article in Newsweek

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