Memo Details Possible Cartel Violence Threat In Mexico

An internal memo from the Texas Department of Public Safety details a possible cartel threat according to a report from Channel 5 News who apparently has obtained the memo. Channel 5 hasn’t been been able to confirm the threat.

An increased presence of U.S. law enforcement is expected this weekend in case of spillover violence.

According to the report, the memo told officers to be more careful on and off the job. It states a flyer was found on a car in Brownsville on May 8. It was written in Spanish. According to the flyer, this weekend would be very violent, because two cartels will be doing battle.

The internal memo states, “The public should remain calm, be cautious, and most notably not wear dark colors.”

The flyer claims cartel members will be wearing dark or black to identify themselves.

Cartels often use banners and flyers as messages to the Mexican government, and other cartels. It’s also their way of gaining public support. But the violence doesn’t always materialize.

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DPS Releases Statement on Internal Memo

The Texas Department of Public Safety has released a statement reguarding an internal memo leaked to CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

The statement says “The Department of Public Safety does not generally comment on law enforcement-sensitive communications. The document related to Mexico that was leaked today was not intended to be released to the public because DPS has been unable to verify the accuracy or credibility of the claims made in the letter.

The memo was intended to aid law enforcement agencies in gathering information and to remind law enforcement officers to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

DPS values its law enforcement partners and understands the importance of intelligence sharing in an effort to ensure public safety.”

will have the very latest developments in this story over the weekend.

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