Navy To Analyze Electromagnetic Pulse Threat- EMP

EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Threat

EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Threat

Navy engineers in March began looking into how the fleet should prepare for an attack by one of the most feared and controversial weapons of the modern age: an electromagnetic pulse.

Naval Sea System’s Command’s EMP assessment group is the latest government agency to tackle the threat from an EMP, a devastating electromagnetic burst that fries computers, sensors, weapons and all other electronics in its path.

“The consequences of failing to take appropriate precautions to protect fleet mission-critical systems can ultimately prove catastrophic to the Navy’s mission,” said Blaise Corbett, the EMP assessment group’s leader, in a NavSea announcement.

The EMP team, inactive for about 10 years, was resurrected in March.

via Electromagnetic pulse threat to be analyzed – Navy News, news from Iraq – Navy Times.

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