NYPD Developing CCTV Camera System To Rival London’s

From Declassified –  New York Police Department is building a closed-circuit TV surveillance system which it hopes will eventually be more sophisticated and effective than the closed-circuit TV (CCTV) system used by police in London and other British cities.

The widespread use of CCTV monitoring in Britain has been touted by UK authorities as a critical tool for solving crimes and maintaining public order but has been criticized by civil libertarians as a Big Brother–like widespread invasion of personal privacy.

According to official estimates, in London, the Metropolitan Police (a.k.a. Scotland Yard) and its partners in the City of London Police, who patrol the “square mile London borough that hosts most of Britain’s financial industry, have access to video from roughly 500,000 cameras positioned all around the city. Officials estimate that in any one day, an ordinary citizen making a routine trip within London—to and from work, say—would be captured on video by 200 to 300 CCTV cameras.

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