Possible Car Bomb In Newark New Jersey – Device With Gas Cans, Wires

Targeting Terrorism

Targeting Terrorism

Update – Dry run, hoax, or nothing at all? Police in New Jersey’s largest city say the car parked near a railroad overpass did not contain a bomb. Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy said police found two gasoline canisters sitting on top of a tool box inside the car. There were wires protruding from the tool box and a battery pack nearby but nothing was connected.McCarthy said: “At this point we know it’s not a bomb.”
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Police in Newark are examining a car containing what appears to be two gasoline canisters connected by wires to a device.

The scene started unfolding just after 9 a.m. Police got a call about a suspicious car. When they got there they found a 1998 Dodge Omni containing red barrels with wires attached. They say there were other “household products” inside the car.

The bomb squad was called to the scene and a police robot is being used to examine the car. It is near New Jersey Railroad Avenue and Oliver Street. New Jersey Railroad Avenue runs next to the Northeast Corridor rail line that serves Amtrak and NJ Transit trains. Thousands of commuters in and out of New York City pass through the area daily. The trains are still running right now.

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