Reporter Passes Through JFK Security With Titanium

Although it’s open to speculation whether this could translate into a terrorist smuggling an actual weapon through security, a reporter apparently had no trouble carrying an 8-inch-long piece of titanium through the a checkpoint just hours after it was reported that the same detectors twice failed to go off for a woman with a 14-inch hip replacement made of the metal.

That passenger, Berna Keiler of Santa Barbara, Calif., alerted federal authorities to the breach late last year and was reassured by Transportation Security Administration officials that the metal detectors were tested and properly working.

But that was clearly not the case Tuesday when the reporter failed to set off the alarm during two trips through the scanners.

The first time around, the reporter placed the titanium in her right side pocket and sent her purse and bag through the X-ray machine. She walked through the metal detector without setting off any alarm.

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