Ricin Scare Prompts Hazmat Response

A Hazmat team responded this afternoon when police found what appeared to be ricin in an Everett Washington home at 1208 50th Street SW.

The situation started out as an alleged domestic violence assault. The 43-year-old victim was hospitalized, and an FBI spokesperson says after she got out, she discovered the hazardous materials and reported them to police.

Everett police recognized that the materials could be ricin, according to the FBI, and the scene was contained.

Hazmat crews said they found both the components to make ricin along with what appears to be the finished product in an office in the home.

The domestic violence suspect, the woman’s 46-year-old husband, is being hospitalized and will be taken into custody.


The FBI says this is not a terrorism-related incident.

While even the tiniest bit of ricin can be deadly, you have to be in very close contact with the toxin in order for it to get in your bloodstream.

For this reason, the FBI says the incident is not a public health threat. No homes have been evacuated.


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