School Terror Threat – “Jihad Boom” Postcards With Threatening Cartoon Sent To Nine Schools

Investigators in Marion County, Fla., are searching for the author of nine postcards sent to different schools on the same day, with the words ‘Jihad-Boom” and cartoons drawn by hand, of a building being blown up with people inside.

Investigators released the postcards with the threatening drawings on them Monday in hopes of generating leads in the case. Officials said that the postcards are made up of various and traditional themes, and each one has a distinctive hand-drawn cartoon on it. Several of the threats arrived on postcards featuring Walt Disney World. Detectives said the threat-maker crossed his or her No. 7s and attached a suffix to the address. Six of the nine postcards spell the word “Jihad” correctly, while the others are incorrect.

The U.S. Postal Service said that the postcards were all mailed to the schools from the Ocala-Gainesville mailing district before the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. A $10,000 reward has been issued to anyone who provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for using the postal service to mail the threatening postcards to schools.


Update: Our friends at Global Incident Map have pointed out that although the postcards were sent out prior to the 9/11 anniversary, on each postcard TWO DATES “9-11 ? 10-10” appear in the upper corner.

Update: One of our visitors emailed with this: From the 9-11, 10-10, sequence, an additional sequence date would be 11-9. (11-9 would also be the European date format for 9-11)

This might be important considering the writing on the postcard of “9-11 ? 10-10”. The question mark may mean “you figure out the KEY date in the middle- haha” sort of a taunt. he does this ? thing on all the postcards.

Update: One of our visitors has pointed out the possible significance of a 10/10 date. It is the day the US Congress gave President George Bush authorization to use military force against Iraq.

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