Terror Alert Sounded in Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata

terror alert sounded mumbai, bangalore,kolkata

Targeting Terrorism

From the India Times NEW DELHI: With arrested Indian Mujahideen cadres unveiling fresh terror plans of the ISI-LeT combine to target metropolitan cities here, the
home ministry has issued alerts to Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata seeking a security beef-up at all vulnerable spots.

The alerts, issued in the wake of disclosures made by Indian Mujahideen terrorist Salman Ahmed — arrested recently from Sidharthnagar on the UP-Nepal border and suspected in serial blasts at Ahmedabad, Varanasi and Gorakhpur — ask the governments of Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal to take all possible steps to foil any bids by terrorist outfits to strike in the aforesaid cities. Though an MHA official clarified that the alerts were not really based on specific and verified threats, he said the agencies “are not taking any chances on whatever information we have received.

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