Terror and Torture In Mexico

Eight dead bodies were found Tuesday alongside messages from drug gangs in the northern Mexican city of Tijuana, where 16 dead bodies were found a day earlier. Six of the bodies found Tuesday in the city along the US border were inside barrels with sulfuric acid in the city center, while the two others were found in the suburbs.

The public prosecutor’s office in the state of Baja California said the barrels included a message.

“This is what happens to the engineer, and we will make stew with all those who are with him,” the message said.

The two other bodies were wrapped in blankets which had the message, “here are your people, Duarte.”

The authorities did not immediately know the identity of the two people mentioned specifically in the notes.

The bodies were found after anonymous calls were received by the police.

On Monday, 16 bodies were found in two vacant lots. Some of them were half-naked, with bound hands or feet, and showed signs of torture. They had been killed just a few hours earlier, and at least seven of them had had their tongues severed.

The corpses, 11 males and a female, seven with their tongues cut out, were discovered about 7 a.m. outside an elementary school, Moreno said. Three of them were identified: Gustavo Morales Lara, 15; Israel Bernabe Millán Campos, 18; and Felipe Ramón Espinosa, 18.

“This is what will happen to all the blabbermouths that hang around with The Engineer,” read a sign in Spanish left with the bodies, an apparent reference to Fernando Sánchez Arellano, known as El Ingeniero, the head of the once-powerful Arellano Félix cartel.

Another group of four male bodies was reported early yesterday in a neighborhood off of a busy highway, the Via Rapida, that crosses the city. Their heads were covered with plastic bags, and three had their feet and hands bound.

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