Texas Gov. Rick Perry Warns of Car Bombs on The Border

Texas Gov. Rick Perry gave President Barack Obama a letter yesterday outlining the newest threat along the Mexican border… Car bombs or VBIED’s. In the letter he wrote,”The Mexican cartels have recently added a new deadly weapon to their arsenal: Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED), which they use to attack their rivals and the police.”

The governor urged federal action to eliminate the risk of the threat becoming reality as it did recently in the border city of Juarez.

“An unsecured U.S.-Mexico border is a serious national security threat, menacing the safety and security of our citizens, and the federal government is obligated to secure it.” Perry said. “Our citizens deserve the best possible effort to protect them from this advancing network of criminal gangs.” Going on to say, “We cannot afford to allow these cartels to believe they’re free to extend their reach across the border onto American soil.”

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