U.S. Trains, Buses Vulnerable to Terror Attack – Lieberman

Making Mass Transit Safer

Making Mass Transit Safer

As the Department of Homeland Security rolls out new security measures for screening suspicious passengers flying into the United States, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee said the federal government should be paying a lot more attention to security on the ground.

“The threat is real to non-aviation transportation. All you've got to do is look around the world,” Lieberman said, listing the numerous cities that have had their rail and bus lines bombed over the past decade. “These are targets and we know that.”

Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, said the federal government is working with state and local officials to improve transportation security at places other than U.S. airports but that the work is far from finished.

“I continue to believe that … non-aviation is the vulnerable part of our transportation system, and we frankly need to give it more than we're giving it now to protect the American people. I worry about this,” he said.

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