Viable Terror Threats Extend Beyond Aviation

If you thought recent terror incidents might be an anomaly think again. Now is not time to let down your guard. Information gained since the attempted airplane bombing on Christmas Day has U.S. officials concerned that al Qaeda in Yemen has “trained and equipped…viable operatives” to strike U.S. targets, including targets unrelated to aviation, according to a CNN report.

“I have not seen people this ramped up on the terror front like this for probably two years,” the source said. “The palpable level of angst is incredible.”

Federal officials said there was no imminent threat, but the source said the investigation into the electronic communications associated with Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian charged in the botched attempt to bomb an airplane, initially took officials in different directions.

Now, the source said, “the spider web” is starting to come together. Officials believe there are viable operatives — described by this source as “people who are trained, equipped, resourced, with instructions — maybe not with a 'go order' but all of the pieces are in place.”

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