Virginia Tech Police, FBI Look Into YouTube Threats

The Collegiate Times reports that the Virginia Tech Police Department and the FBI continue to investigate threatening postings made over YouTube and via e-mail this week, as rumors of more specific threats circulate.

University president Charles Steger sent an e-mail to the Tech community yesterday afternoon. The message was regarding an individual who has been creating threatening posts on YouTube as well as sending threatening e-mails to members of the Tech community, including students and university employees.

Steger’s e-mail stated that there have been many rumors circulating about a potential specific threat.

“The individual responsible has made threats about March 18 as a day of possible action when he might commit harm. Given all that this university has endured, I can understand how this can be very upsetting to the university community,” the e-mail said.

The Collegiate Times obtained a copy of an e-mail forwarded through multiple listservs and Facebook groups that addressed the alleged threat.

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Roanoke Times -Internet threats against Virginia Tech not believed to be credible

Virginia Tech officials urged calm this afternoon amidst news that e-mails and Internet postings originating in Italy contained threats of an attack on campus on Thursday.

Tech police, Virginia State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are working on the case, and Tech police have said that the threats are not believed to be credible.

The case dates back to October, when a person or people using the screen name “NextKillerVirgTech” posted threats on the video-sharing Web site

At least four Tech students interviewed by television reporters about those postings have since received unsettling e-mails alleged to be connected to the October incident.

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