What Does A Terrorist Look Like – It’s The Behavior

After the Christmas Day incident, the Obama administration announced that citizens of 14 countries – all but one, Cuba, predominantly Muslim – would be subjected automatically to extra screening before boarding flights to the United States.

That controversial policy was rescinded a few days ago, but the question remains: Is racial and ethnic profiling justified?

According to a recent CBS News poll, 51% of Americans say yes, compared to 38% who say no.

“The attitude is, how can something that makes so much sense – this is so obvious to everybody from the outside – not work?” asked David Harris, a law professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He’s been studying profiling for 15 years

“When race or ethnic appearance mixes into it in any way, it’s a distraction and a potential disaster,” Harris said.

“Wouldn’t you be foolish not to take into consideration the fact that there might be people who fit?” asked Teichner.

“There might be people who fit, but the important thing is there might be people who don’t fit who are just as dangerous, and more so because we're not looking for them,” said Harris.

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