Fort Worth – Police Chase Leads To Bomb Investigation


The episode started in Arlington as a road rage incident on the 1,000 block of Abram Street.

“Someone called in to say there was a person in another vehicle who pointed a weapon at them. Officers found that vehicle and tried to conduct a stop but that vehicle did not stop and as a result, officers conducted a pursuit,” said an Arlington Police Department spokeswoman, Tiara Ellis Richard.

The chase went on for 20 minutes but came to an end when the truck spun out on Rosedale.

Officers took into custody a man and a woman.

WFAA has learned that the woman is Kimberly Homsi. She also goes by the name, Asma Al- Homsi.

According to the WFAA story, Al-Homsi has been under surveillance and was on the government’s no fly list, since being involved in a road rage incident back in December 2005. She held up an inert grenade and threatened another driver. Garland’s bomb squad later found ammunition in her car.

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In another story posted on the local NBC News website.

Police: Loop 820 Shut Down Following Road Rage-Related Chase, Bomb Threat

Something a woman said while she was being arrested ended up shutting down Loop 820 for several hours Saturday evening, the FBI said. The feds said they’re familiar with this woman and she has done something like this before.


A source with the FBI said, while they can’t release the names of the suspects at this time, the woman who made the threat is one of two women involved in an incident at Love Field some time ago. That threat was unfounded.

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The Dallas Morning News covered the 2007 Love Field incident here: Women at Love Field ‘acting suspiciously

NTARC covered the Love Field story in this post in 2007

Women Act Suspiciously At Dallas Love Field


The initial story.

Loop 820 at Lancaster Avenue is shut down in both directions and police have blocked off streets.

Traffic is backed up in the area.

Fort Worth police say police followed and stopped a suspect. The suspect said there may be a bomb in the vehicle they were driving.

Fort Worth and Arlington bomb squads and arson teams are on the scene and a command center has been set up in the area.

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