Oil Executives Wife Reportedly Targeted By Chocolates Box Bomb

Neighbors in a northwest Houston neighborhood are scared after a bomb was sent to a woman at her home and it exploded.

Neighbors say the explosive was disguised as a box of chocolates. Eyewitness News first reported the incident Friday night.

Investigators say the woman received the package at her home off Seamist a couple weeks ago and opened it Friday night, which is when it exploded.

Police are still not releasing the woman’s name, but she is in her 60s. A family member told Eyewitness News she had surgery on Saturday, but is stable. Meanwhile, her neighbors, who are understandably shaken, are praying for her recovery.

“Just heard a really, really loud boom,” neighbor Courtney Turpin said.

Turpin lives two doors down from where the pipe bomb exploded in her neighbor’s hands.

“It sounded like it was just outside of our walls,” she said.

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