Terrorism Today – Fast-evolving, Underestimated Worldwide Threat

Almost nine years after 9/11, terrorism is a fast-evolving, mostly underestimated worldwide threat, and America may be more vulnerable to attacks today than it was on that sunny September morning.

That grim assessment was the consensus of experts who spoke at a recent journalism conference on terror and security issues held, fittingly, in an office tower on Times Square in New York.


The tactics of terror have morphed since 9/11. Terrorists are using the Internet, including social media, to develop worldwide networks based on personal relationships rather than traditional chain-of-command hierarchies.In many cases, it’s impossible for law enforcement officials to draw a leadership diagram or come up with a geographical frame of reference for a terrorist organization, said Peter Neumann, director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence and a senior lecturer at King’s College in London.

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